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     Quality Craftsmanship   

Quality may be the most over-used word in business communications. But the fact remains, in this business, quality means three things: reliability, durability, and innovation. At Alegacy, we count ourselves at the top of all three of these categories.  That's one reason we manufacture many of our own small wares, so quality control is more easily achieved.

Our engineers, metallurgist and craftspeople are constantly looking for ways to refine our designs and perfect the manufacturing process, all for maximum effectiveness. In fact, research and development are big business at Alegacy.

When it comes to our worldwide suppliers, quality's always our first focus. Before it becomes an Alegacy product, the item has to pass rigorous tests.

Innovation and invention are utmost at Alegacy. We pioneered the ColorCode System of products to fight cross-contamination. We designed a better insulating grip for fry pan handles and we're always listening to our customers for more ideas. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Alegacy offers the kind of quality that inspires the greatest chefs to make the greatest dishes. It's doubtful that good food is ever created when the chef is concerned about the condition of his equipment. Whether it's simple plastic molded baskets, classic Eagleware® or NSF listed polyethylene cutting boards, Alegacy supplies them with the highest-caliber quality possible.